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So far with over 4.7 million impressions in 2023 across all of our platforms combined we are thrilled to project an increase to 8.2 million impressions in 2024 as we continue to expand into new divisions across the nation; increasing not just our members but our fan base as well. Our target demographic aims at the Male population ages from 32-58 per our insights across Facebook, Instagram & Shopify. Our previous sponsors have introduced new clients to their portfolio through our rallies. 

Our sponsorships allow your company will be viewed across various cities and various social media platforms. We take pride in our sponsors and we're proud to have you be a part of our family. We would love for you & your company to be apart of the Force as our sponsor as we continue to grow and expand our audiences to newer demographics. (Updated on August 2023)

With this package,

Maritime will be our Platinum Sponsor for The Grand Tour 2024

- Maritime will have the opportunity to display signs and tall banners across the facility to showcase sponsorship.

- Maritime will be our Platinum Sponsor in Chicago at the Navy Pier with a Exhibitor Booth setup in our Grand Reception Hall & will also attend the Alpha Garage Chicago Reception Dinner as well as Cincinnati Fan Event & Dinner. 

- Maritime will have the opportunity to jump on stage and talk about the brand, mission, history and upcoming products to increase brand awareness.

- Maritime will be included in our Professional Media for promotion, story telling and brand recognition within the automotive community & rally industry.

We at GFORCE RALLY take this sponsorship with high value and will venture beyond the ordinary to build a long relationship to continue to share the love of the automotive world. We are thrilled to embark on this adventure with such an amazing company. 


We have amazing news to deliver as we progress throughout the New Year!

We originally had a 40 car limit for this event but have now closed registration with 60 teams joining us from Arizona, Minnesota, Seattle, Massachusetts, Florida and many more states. We are beyond thrilled to not only add 20 more teams to the rally, but we were fortune enough to HAND SELECT each individual drivers throughout a multi week interview process to ensure we have the right participants to not only represent our incredible sponsors but to represent GFORCE RALLY itself.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be offering four (4) Livery options kits this year as we have been working to create new & unique designs for your rally cars! Participants will also have the option to create their own unique livery/wrap for their vehicle as well! We have had some drivers ask if they are able to bring their own unique ideas to life and we would absolutely love to support your wildest imagination! Our Graphics Division will be unveiling our new Livery Options by February 23rd.

Rest assured as our team has spent the past few weeks personally visiting every location we are staying at to ensure a quality rally experience. From Hotel Accommodations to Dinner Accommodations to the little things like the parking garage steepness & security. Our team has taken into account every possible measure & consideration to ensure we deliver our promise.