A Short Yet Thorough Rally Breakdown
Wednesday, May 24th: We will gather in Louisville, awaiting the arrival of fellow Ralliers. By 7pm, we will have our first outing as we meet old friends and say hi to new ones. Welcome to our ice breaker evening.
Thursday, May 25th: We will officially launch from Louisville. Heading south, we journey to lunch with an unforgettable view. We then venture though handpicked roads as we journey into Nashville where we will be staying at the Dream Hotel, Downtown Nashville. 
Friday, May 26th: We will begin our adventure to Kentucky, by noon, we will be participating in a private airstrip event with lunch. We then progress our way down South to Chattanooga where we will be staying at The Westin. Dinner will be at STIR.
Saturday, May 27th: We will continue to head South as we venture through Chattahoochee National Park to test our driving skills. Venturing through beautiful views and challenging roads. We will end our night in North Augusta where we host an incredible community car show. One lucky Rallier will get to throw the first pitch at a Game as well. More on that soon ...
Sunday, May 28th: We will make our way to the Sunny Side of Florida where lunch is awaiting. With beautiful weather heading into Daytona Beach, we will enjoy the newly built Daytona Hotel, an Autograph Collection. 
Rally admission starts at $4250.
All inclusive from Co-Pilot to Lunch & Dinner. Everything is taken care of, just come prepared for an epic adventure! We will be three registration options: Full Rally, First Half and Second Half.