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    On September 4th 2020, G-Force Rally 6 #SONICSPEED will be headed to the undeviating roads of Wisconsin. Starting in Minneapolis Minnesota, G-Force Rally will be traveling south to various cities such as Eau Claire, Green Bay & Milwaukee. 

    Per entry, each team will be provided with the following necessities: 
    • G-Force Rally 6 Admission 
    • Passenger Admission
    • One night stay in Green Bay, WI
    • Food for Driver & Passenger Included
    • Road America Admission 
    • Track Admission
    • Livery Option of Your Choice
    • All-day Parking Pass 
    • Exclusive Video & Photo Shoots
    • GFR Memories
    • Extra Goodies
    Over 500 miles of freshly paved roads and multiple checkpoints. #SonicSpeed will be a 3-day event. Upon entry, each rally vehicle needs to be registered along with its copilot.
    The cost per team for #SonicSpeed is $750. 

    If you have what it takes, please request an invite below.