With over 7 YEARS of experience, 33 rallies hosted across the Nation, we are thrilled to continue our Northern Shore Rallies!

A Short Yet Thorough Rally Breakdown

Wednesday Oct 2nd, Day ZERO, Reception in the Twin Cities: We will gather in Minneapolis, awaiting the arrival of fellow Ralliers. By 7pm, we will have our first outing as we meet old friends and say hi to new ones. Welcome to our ice breaker evening dinner & reception.

Thursday Oct 3rd, Day One, Journey to Duluth MN: We will gather in Minneapolis for our Launch! We will head North to Duluth as we take backroads visiting memories as we drive on roads from our first ever North Shore Run from 2018! We will arrive into Duluth as we will host a large scale Fan Meet Up & Car Show! 

Friday Oct 4th, Day Two, Journey to Ontario Canada: We will launch and make our way to the border as we cruise along the Northern Shore with a spectacular view of the fall leaves changing colors! We will cross the border and make our way to the Delta Hotel Marriot Collection. Staying Upfront Waterfront, we will have some of the best views of Lake Superior in Ontario Canada. We will stay at the Delta for TWO NIGHTS so no need to pack up the next morning! We will enjoy the local restaurants and explore the city all within walking distance. 

Saturday Oct 5th, Day Three, A New Adventure into Ontario: Saturday holds a BRAND NEW Adventure as we journey further into Canada to explore some of our hand picked roads! We will have our surprise activity on Saturday as well! We will have lunch with an unforgettable view and will end our day back at our hotel and enjoy our very own lakeshore dinner & casino night!

Sunday Oct 6th, Day Four, See You Again: We will head back to the US Border as we will have lunch one final time as a family before we head back to Minneapolis and have one last cruise together. Our projected & desired timeline is to be back in the Twin Cities by 6:30/7PM. 
This will be a 4 day 3 night event.
Teams are Limited to 30.

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