Reserve a Team & Voting Rights

Reserve a Team & Voting Rights

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Deposit to reserve your spot and voting rights for our upcoming Season Opener in May! We will be implementing a new form of rallying by offering each rallier a Voting Right to help curate the rally itself!

Voting Rights allows drivers to vote on what tracks we want, what activities we want to do, what foods, what time we depart at etc. 

We aspire to be a more immersive rally that allows everyone to voice their choices as opposed to just showing up to an event and doing things that you may not enjoy if that makes sense! 

In order for us to provide a high level, unique and best rally experience ever, our registration is set at $6099 in order to build out the rally in the correct way. Currently, deposits to secure your team is only $895 which will contribute to the final total entry price! Final cost INCLUDES copilot!

All Hotels have been pre-scouted and looked IN-PERSON thoroughly in order to provide the best experience possible. 

A Short Yet Thorough Breakdown

With over 22+ rallies & FIVE years of experience, we can confidently guarantee this is an event you don't want to miss. 

Sunday, May 12th PRE RALLY DAY: We will gather in Chicago, awaiting the arrival of fellow Ralliers. Complimentary details will be offered to drivers as they arrive into town. By 7pm, we will have our first outing as we meet old friends and say hi to new ones. Welcome to our ice breaker evening dinner. We will be staying on the Navy Pier.
Pre Rally Hotel stay is included into rally admission. 
Don't worry, we'll handle it for you. 
Monday, May 13th RALLY LAUNCH DAY: We will officially launch from Chicago. Heading south, we journey to lunch at GrahamRahalPerformance! We then venture though handpicked roads as we journey into Cincinnati Ohio. We will be staying at the AC Hotel Marriott, shutting main street and will be buying out the Reds Stadium for Dinner!
Tuesday, May 14th: We will launch from Cincinnati and journey down to lunch. We will have our first field activity at a Dragway! The Dragway is 1/2mi long and will be running both lanes! From there, we will head to Nashville. Now we understand that a lot of rallies go to Nashville and it's becoming "a norm", but for us, we want to bring you to Nashville for a new experience. We will be staying at the Ultra unique Opryland Resort. One of the most Unique & Stunning hotels we've ever seen! 
Wednesday, May 15th: We will begin our day heading to the Podium1 Racing experience where we will test the industries greatest and most realistic sim racing systems and will have lunch. We will ultimately end in Chattanooga where we will stay at The Edwin Hotel, Autograph Collection Hotel. We will host a evening dinner at the River Terrace and Art Museum. 
Thursday, May 16th: We will have a more relaxed day as the ladies will get a spa day (additional costs) and the gents will get to head to the Tail of the Dragon! This day was designed to have a more relaxed day curated towards both gentleman and ladies in order to provide the best experience for both parties. We will spend a second night at this Ultra Luxurious 5 Star Hotel.
Friday, May 17th: We will continue to head South as visit Talladega! From there, we will head to The Westin Birmingham  where will enjoy the evening with a fan meetup and dinner!
Saturday, May 18th: We will make our way to the Sunny Side of Louisiana where lunch is awaiting. With beautiful weather heading into New Orleans as we will stay at The Westin New Orleans to conclude the rally. We will have our final dinner at EAS Motorsport at their Brand New state of the art facility.  
Sunday, May 19th will be an optional day to allow drivers to decide if they want to head home or stay the weekend in New Orleans.

Our rally is set for May 12th - 18th with your pre rally stay incorporated into our final admissions including this deposit. The final rally admission will include:

ALL Hotel accommodations will be an Autograph, Luxury or Tribute Portfolio Collection Hotels. From prerally hotel stay to the last day of the rally.


  • GFR PRE RALLY Invitation 

  • FULL Admission

  • Co-Pilot Admission INCLUDED


  • Cincinnati Reds Baseball Field Buyout Experience  
  • Podium1 Racing Experience
  • Hunter Art Museum Experience
  • GrahamRahalPerformance Experience
  • 1/2 mi 1v1 Dragway Field Event 
  • Daily Complimentary Vehicle Details
  • Community Car Show Admissions
  • Police Escorts
  • LARGE scale fan meet ups
  • Street Closures 
  • Private Security
  • Optional Personal Concierge Services 
  • Three Car Enclosed Support Trailer
  • Discounted Vehicle Shipping To & From Rally Start & End 
  • Valet Secured Parking Pass


We've heard feedback about food always being mediocre and "not worth it" so we've shifted focus on quality of our meals. Lunch & Dinner will be every other night in order to focus on the quality of food as we want to ensure the best experience possible. 

  • Catered Lunch for Driver & Co-Pilot

  • Catered Dinner for Driver & Co-Pilot


We understand Media is a crucial part of rallying, we have brought in the best of the best media members across the nation.

  • Photography Team Lead @SlaytonImages along with Three other Photographers

  • Videography Team Lead @Sages.Media along with Two other Videographers 


  • Exclusive GFORCERALLY Livery Kit

  • Commemorative GFORCERALLY Merch


We will be splitting up the event into three (3) options; 


- First Half (Chicago - Cincinnati - Nashville - Chattanooga)

- Second Half (Chattanooga x2 - Birmingham - New Orleans)

We are expecting a fast sell out based on current demand.  Superiority is Considered for this event. We look forward to seeing you in May!

By opting into this option, user understands that this deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.